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2018 Festival Dates: August 3 – August 5

How to Apply

The Call for Artists is currently closed.



When do I find out my booth assignment?

Booth assignments are emailed in June along with the designated Vehicle Load-in Times.

I don’t see my booth location or booth payment on Zapp, how do I know it has been received?

Please allow one week for payments to be processed. To check your payments, please check your bank or credit card statements first, then call or email the Kimball with questions. The Park City Kimball Arts Festival processes all booth payments in house and does not use Zapp for this part of the process. Booth locations will be announced via email in June.

How do I sign up for an Early load-in time slot (4 a.m. – 7 a.m. Friday morning)?

Early load-in time slots are limited. Please request an early load-in time only if it is necessary. Please email artsfest@kimballartcenter.org with your name and booth number and include the reason for your request. Requests will be accepted in June once booth assignments have been announced.

Why do you need a copy of my ID card?

The Utah Tax Commission requires information contained on your driver’s license to be presented to them prior to the festival. We also like to ensure artists attending the festival are the artists accepted.

I would like to donate a piece to your silent auction fundraiser, when do you need it?

Thank you for wanted to support the Kimball Art Center! More details to come on future silent auctions.

What is your mailing address for the U.S. Post Office?

Kimball Art Center
Attn: Kimball Arts Festival Artist Manager
P.O. Box 1478
Park City, UT 84060

I want to ship you something via FedEx, UPS, or another delivery service. What address do I use?

Kimball Art Center
Attn: Kimball Arts Festival Artist Manager
1401 Kearns Blvd
Park City, UT 84060

Do you have overnight security?

Yes. Security services do roam the festival overnight, however there is no guarantee that your booth and its contents will be secure. Please insure your items and take appropriate cautions.

Where do I find lodging?

Accepted artists are given a list of lodging discounts from a variety of our lodging partners in and around the city in the Artist Acceptance Packet. Room availability is not guaranteed, book early.

What kind of weather should I expect?

Park City is at nearly 7,000 ft elevation. The sun is strong, the air is dry and afternoon thunder and rainstorms can occur accompanied by strong winds. We recommend sunscreen and dressing in layers for your comfort.

What happens if it rains?

The Park City Kimball Arts Festival occurs rain or shine. The festival will continue as planned.


Why do you have such a peculiar load-in schedule?

Park City’s Main Street is narrow and has few entry points. After years of modification we have created a sequence and time schedule that allows for easy, safe, and smooth load-in for our artists. It really works. It is important to show up to the check-in area ahead of your assigned time on Friday.

How many vehicles can I use to bring my art to the Festival?

Only one vehicle is allowed entry to Main Street for unloading and loading. Trailers are permitted. Only one parking pass is issued per accepted artist. Artist assistants or additional vehicles are responsible for finding their own parking in one of the Public Festival Lots.

Can I unload next to my booth?

Yes. One vehicle (with trailer) per booth is allowed to enter Main Street and unload at your assigned booth space during a designated time only. Designated vehicle entry time will be sent in June. Artists may hand carry items to their booth space from an offsite vehicle at any time during the set-up hours on Friday.

Can I unload before my assigned time?

Participating artists may hand-carry items to their booth location ahead of their assigned set-up time. All parking and traffic rules must be followed. Double parking or stopping a vehicle “just for a minute” will not be tolerated. No vehicles will be allowed on the street before the assigned set-up time. Attempts to enter the street with your vehicle ahead of your assigned time may result in immediate dismissal from the Festival.

Where do we park?

Participating artists are issued a parking pass to designated Artist Parking Lots in close proximity to the Festival. Special parking is available for oversized vehicles and trailers – please indicate your need for such parking in the designated space on the Booth Request Form.

How does the tear-down/load-out procedure work?

Our Festival Operations Team coordinates load-out by zone. In order to gain vehicle access to the street, your entire booth must be torn down and ready to be loaded in your vehicle. Vehicles gain access to the street at the discretion of the Zone Manager.


Do I need to bring my own tent?

Artists must provide their own tent. Should you need to rent a tent, please call Diamond Rental at 801.262.2080. Diamond has a large supply of tents of both Large and Regular size.

What color tent can I have?

Any color of tent is acceptable. The sun is very strong, so most artists prefer white or light colored tents. All tents must be fire rated.

Can I set up awnings?

Awnings are permitted as long as they do not obstruct fire lanes. Some portions of the street are narrower than others and awnings may not be used at some booths.

Can I have large signs above my booth?

No. Signs, flags, etc may not be displayed above or beyond the artists booths.

This Festival is on a hill, how do I make that work with my display cases and walls?

Please come prepared with leveling materials or displays with adjustable footing. There is a nearby Home Depot off Highway 40 if you prefer to purchase materials when in the area.

Where do I find additional materials to stabilize my booth and displays?

50 pounds per leg tent weight is required. The Kimball Arts Festival is on a hill and no booth space is completely level. Please plan accordingly or visit Home Depot off Highway 40 for any additional materials you may need.

How much weight do I need for each tent leg?

50 pounds per leg tent weight is required.

Can I display other awards, or distribute flyers for my goods?

No. Only Kimball Arts Festival Awards can be displayed in booths. Business cards may be distributed.

Can I have sales/price reduction signs to get a buyer’s attention?

No. To keep the integrity of the event, no signs promoting sales or discount prices will be permitted.

Can I get electricity and/or water hook up at the booth?

No. The Kimball Arts Festival does not provide electricity or water hookups for artists.

Where do I store my packaging and extra materials?

All packaging and materials must be stored in the confines of your booth or in your vehicle. Booths are placed right next to each other and are often back to back, so there is no storage area behind or next to your booth.

Do I need to set-up and tear down my booth every day?

No. Booths may remain in place for the duration of the festival. It is up to the individual artists whether to remove all or some of the booth contents overnight. The Kimball Art Center and Kimball Arts Festival are not responsible for damage to property at any time.


Do I have to be open and in my booth for the entire Festival?

Yes. Booths must have the exhibiting artist present in the booth throughout the entire festival. Short breaks are permitted.

What happens if I sell out of merchandise?

You must remain present in your booth until the end of the festival. Those who do not remain in their booth will be disqualified for future Kimball Arts Festivals.

How many assistants/helpers can I have?

You may have as many helpers as you wish, however only 2 Artists/Assistant credentials are issued per booth. Any additional helpers/assistants/family members must purchase a wristband to access the festival. Only 1 parking pass is issued per booth; any assistants are responsible for finding and paying for their own parking.

Do you have booth sitters?

Yes. Volunteer booth sitters can watch your booth for up to 15 minutes during public festival hours.


Can I bring my pet(s)?

For the comfort and safety of your pet, please do not bring pets to the festival.

Where do I get lunch?

Artists may purchase a box lunch through the Kimball Arts Festival to be delivered to your booth by Volunteers during the festival. Many restaurants line Main Street if you wish to buy lunch on your own.


What is the tax rate? How do I pay my taxes for the event?

The tax rate for merchandise, including artwork, is 8.45%. Taxes must be paid to the Utah Tax Commission at the end of the event (6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 5, 2018). Cash, check, or credit cards are accepted. They charge an additional credit card processing fee.

Oops, I forgot to pay my taxes at the end of the event. What do I do?

Please contact the Utah State Tax Commission right away at 801.297.6243.


Oh no! I can’t make it, how do I withdraw?

As soon as you know you are unable to participate as an artist in the Kimball Arts Festival, please call the Kimball Art Center at 435.649.8882 as soon as possible. The Staff or Artist Manager will assist you. Please let us know of your cancellation as soon as possible so we can give another artist an opportunity to participate.

I’m running late, but can still make it to the Festival. How do I let you know so that my booth is not given away?

Please call the Kimball Art Center at 435.649.8882 as soon as possible. The Staff or Artist Manager will assist you. All booths must be filled by 3:00 p.m. MST on August 3, 2018. Any booth not filled by that time will be given away to a waitlist artist. No refunds will be given.


I have a question about the festival that is not answered here. Who do I contact for help?

For other questions, please email artsfest@kimballartcenter.org or call 435.649.8882 x115

2018 Zone Map

2018 Zone Map is coming soon. Click here for the 2017 Zone Map.

2017 Kimball Arts Festival Interactive Map


Mountain Town Music books all of the musicians for the Park City Kimball Arts Festival. Please contact Mountain Town Music if you are interested in performing at the Festival.

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