Arts Festival History

In 1976, the late Bill Kimball opened the Kimball Art Center’s doors for the very first time. In a letter to the editor dated December 1976, he shared his dreams about the role the Kimball Art Center might play for future generations. He wrote, “I hope the art center will enable them to fulfill themselves and enrich their lives beyond the necessity to make a living. Park City‘s first phase was the opening of the mines; the second was the beginning of the resort. Perhaps the third phase will be that the center can provide the opportunity for each person to expand his interest in the arts. I hope so.” Therefore, you all honor his legacy with your presence here with us this weekend and we are incredibly moved to see his dreams come true in every smile.

The Park City Kimball Arts Festival takes place on Historic Main Street and serves as the primary fundraiser for the Kimball Art Center each year. Proceeds from the Festival enable the Kimball Art Center to provide, free of charge, year-round art exhibitions, gallery tours, Art Talks and to offer art education outreach to teachers, students and our community. Thank you for your patronage and we hope you enjoy yourselves as we continue to serve our mission to inspire and connect through art!

“We’re showcasing the most talented artists in their respective fields to bring to our annual Arts Festival and continue to raise the bar on programs like Taste of Art and Festival After Dark. As the largest three-day event in Park City during the summer, we work year-round to come up with innovative ways to create a multi-sensory experience for all of our patrons,” noted Robin Marrouche, current member of the Board of Directors and former Executive Director.